Owning and operating a business can be very tough with risks and pitfalls. Earning money and turning profit is not enough, you have to take steps to protect your business from lawsuits and debts. Mortgage obligations to vendors or third parties, debts, claim for damages, product liability, professional liability, consumer protection issues are the issues and risks that you have to deal with while operating a business.

These risks can result in loss of personal assets and business, if not handled properly. You should know what risks you can face and how to minimize them. You should know the effective ways to avoid loss to run your business successfully.  Business owners have to face legal question, leading tax and other challenges. Asset protection is major challenge among the business owners as they have to protect their assets in the event of lawsuit or claim.


Asset Protection is a type of strategy intended to protect assets from creditor claim. Many business entities and individuals employ some techniques to protect their assets and limit access of creditors to their valuable assets, while operation within debtor-creditor law. Here in this guide we have mentioned some critical strategies that play very important role in personal asset protection;

Right Business entity

You should choose the right business entity. There may be multiple taxes planning consideration, operating as sole proprietorship will not best choice. Your personal assets expose to lawsuit, if you operate as sole proprietorship. You should set up an entity like LLC (limited liability Company) or S corporation would be beneficial step in protecting your business and personal assets.

Maintain your corporate veil

You need to maintain a separate checkbook and bank account for business.  You should use the company name on all your documents and maintain your corporate records carefully.

Purchase right business insurance

This is very important part of your business as it gives you assurance and ability to handle the incidents in your business.

Consult with reliable law firm

You should choose the reliable law firm which provides you exceptional services for business planning, asset protection and legacy planning. A good firm helps you save your time, money and complexities by offering best approaches to protect your business and assets.



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