Estate Planning Tips for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur then you should know how to focus on your business in order to grow it. But one thing that is very important and you should not neglect it, that is estate planning. Many entrepreneurs neglect to consider what would happen if they are dead, injured in any accident, suddenly lie or suffer an illness. Some business owners or entrepreneurs failing to plan their estate or have an estate plan, it may run risk of dejection a lifetime of hard work. You should know all about the estate planning tools like a power of attorney, will, trust, buy-sell agreements, Succession plan, insurance and more.

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Succession plan

This is one of the best Estate planning solutions that are good to opt for. It includes a written succession plan that permits for faultless transition of business. It is very important to establish new owners. You should also identify major individuals who can assume managerial and executive duties including your loved ones or family members. The main objective of succession plan is to choose the most eligible and capable individual to run your business after your death. This is very critical plan that clarify how ownership will transfer, promoting and compensating family members, establish rules for hiring and specify how disputes will resolve and all that. It makes your Business Planning easy after your death.

Sound Estate Planning is a reputed law firm that helps you manage your will, power of attorney, succession plan and much more.

Power of attorney

This is another must have estate planning tool for business owner. This is a durable tool that names an individual to manage and handle all affairs associated with your business on your behalf. The nominated individual can handle your business issues in event the business owner becomes injured. Family owners or partners can be designated to handle access financial accounts, business assets, pay vendors and creditors and make payroll. If you fail to have this document, court will appoint someone to handle business affairs on your behalf. You can also look for so many ways to protect and plan your estate.


Estate planning checklist

Many people think estate planning is just writing will, but this is more than this. You might have heard about the lots of Estate planning solutions, but you should know all about the ways and methods of estate planning and how it can be beneficial for your loved ones after your death.

Taxes and death is not certain so you need to plan for it in advance. A perfect Business Planning can also play an important role in keeping your loved ones safe even after your sudden death. This is the best way to leave a legacy for the living. So everyone needs some degree of estate planning. It needs to be tailored to an individual’s needs. Here in this guide we have mentioned estate planning checklist to explain various documents associated with estate plans.


Cover Estate Planning Basics

Estate planning should consider what would happen in the cases of both disability and death. You should take some factors into consideration what would happen to your assets, property and well being of your family after your death. You should plan towards how to minimize or eliminate estate taxes. You can do it through various ways including:

properly setting up ownership of assets,

designating beneficiaries where possible, and

executing one or more estate planning forms

guardianship of any minor children

medical treatment planning

 Plan your Asset Ownership

 Some assets has title document like motor vehicle and real estate. These assets can be set up to passes to co-owner automatically after you death. Most often it passes to your spouse. But title document should indicate clearly the ownership that is held with the people.

Cover your debts with insurance

Insurance is the best way to ensure burial expenses and all your debts are paid in event of disability or death. Your loved ones or family members are offered for life insurance.

These are some ways o to protect your assets and hand over your property to your loved ones.

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Benefits of Estate Plan

Benefits of Estate Plan

Do you have estate plan? If not, then you should have it. Life is very uncertain and you need to plan each and everything for your good and safe future. If you are married and have kids, then it is very important for you to have estate plan. This plan helps manage your assets and distribute it among your loved ones. You can take help of a good law firm or consult with experts for estate planning solutions.

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Here we have mentioned 4 documents will make sure your assets and wishes are carried out properly:

1. The Will

The Will allows assets or property to flow to whom you want. If you are a parent of small kids, you can mention name of guardian who will take care of your kids after your death. This is really a systematic and easy way to be followed by every parent to ensure the security and care of their kids.

2. The Power of Attorney

A Durable power of attorney is another way to plan each and everything associated with your assets and property properly. You can mention name of someone whom you want to work on your behalf if you are not able to do so. The named person can do anything from file your taxes, sell property, and refinance property to pay your bills. The named person gets authority of each and everything to do on your behalf. It also helps in Business Planning.

3. health care proxy

A health care proxy allows someone to make medical decisions for you. If you are not unable to take these kinds of decisions, the named person will do the same for you.

4. Revicable trust

A Revicable trust allows one to title assets into the trust’s name and delays and cost of Probate.

These are some ways and Estate planning solutions that help ease the tax, legal and financial burden you may face at the end of your life. You can make all these issues easy for others after your death too.

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Simple Steps to an Estate Plan

There are so many people who don’t think about the future plans but you should try to have financially secure future for you and your loved ones after your retirement or after your death. None of us think what would happen with our family members or close ones when we pass away but perfect estate planning may help a lot. Your estate is made up of what you own such as investments, property, cheque accounts, savings, furniture, life insurance, car, superannuation and much more. It also includes any kind of asset you want to pass to charities, people and many other organizations.


Here is a checklist that helps ensure you have got everything covered in Estate plan:

Make a Will

You should make a will and keep it updated. If you don’t have will, your assets would be distributed as per the state laws. It means your asset will not pass to those people whom you want to pass it. For example, if an individual has blended family then his/her will give him/her an assurance that the assets will be distributed among stepchildren and children as per your wish. But if you don’t have will, it may be distributed as per state laws. A perfect Estate planning  solutions help you decide who will get your assets after your death and who will take care of your children.

Life insurance outside super

Some policies let you nominate who should get the benefit if you pass away. There can be many parties involve in these kinds of life insurance policies include policy owner, life insured, beneficiary and the person paying premium.

Power of attorney

 It allows you to appoint a person who can act as an agent in various situations like money withdrawal from bank, making a trade and respond to various tax enquiries.  This can be the important part of your business planning and estate planning.

Sound Estate Planning Ltd is the best law firm that helps you in planning your asset planning, business planning, estate planning and more. It helps manage all your financial affairs and assets.

Importance of Estate planning solutions

Estate planning solutions can be helpful for an individual as it protects your children or family in the event that something bad happens to you. There is no certainty in life so better plan your estate before your death.  An estate plan can be very useful for everyone. It is not just for wealthy persons but middle-class families also look for it. This is a set of documents that help you plan taxes and other certainties.  Estate planning help people avoid issues that often arises upon death of an individual. Many of these are affairs that people don’t think about during their whole life. However, in absence of estate plan, these affairs or problems are resolved by state law and courts.

 You should take help of law firm to get it prepared as a well-prepared plan let each individual decide for her or himself the best alternatives for their families. It includes who will care for their children after their death and who will get the property, which should take care of their business and home, which organization will receive a share of their business and assets and many more.

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Estate planning or will play very important role in distributing your asset. It can be possible only through a well-prepared estate plan as state law just specifies how your assets will be distributed. The major advantage of estate planning is naming of guardian.  Many people who have children don’t think about who would look after their kids after their death, so your estate plan will decide this. This is all about planning your last will.  So you should think about estate planning as it would be beneficial for you and your family. This well prepared legal document can make the life of your family members and loved ones easy even after your death.

Sound Estate Planning, PLLC is a reputed law firm that offers exceptional Business planning solutions, estate planning, legacy planning and asset planning solutions. The company is committed to protect your asset, family, legacy and loved ones through their solutions designed to help you.

What is Legacy Planning

Many people think that legacy word is only associated with famous and rich people but this is not true.  This is the way to transfer of dreams, history, family goals and financial assets. If you want to transfer your family goals and value to next or future generation, then legacy planning may be helpful. It is really important for the people with business and other asset that requires maintenance. A person’s wealth or assets passes to people specified in a will after his/her death and this affair is planned by a law firm.

 Many families want to share their history, dreams, goals and aspiration with their future generation; they can go for legacy planning. Financial consideration is also an integral part of legacy planning. This is a financial strategy that helps a person in planning to bequeath his/her assets to next generation or loved one after his/her death. Legacy planning is usually organized and planned by a financial advisor or law firm.

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You need to start legacy planning early. A law firm can provides advice on how best to prepare your legacy. Financial advisor also advice you on how to assist with special requests and questions come up. An advisor guides you towards reaching a level of financial security that offers you a comfortable life.  Don’t forget, you cannot leave a financial legacy, if you were not financial secured enough collect that legacy at first place.  If you have a business and looking for the way to protect your estate or assets from creditors and lawsuits then again legacy and asset protection would work.

An advisor provides you suggestion on how to take steps to ensure that your asset is protected. Apart from assisting with estate’s management and development, a law firm also discusses various taxes that might affect your estate. These taxable assets may include IRAs, life insurance policies and annuities. Many people really don’t aware about how taxes can affect their estate, so better know the true value of your assets. You should meet with reliable financial advisors during the whole business planning process to ensure that all taxes are taken in consideration.

You need a good planning in order to set yourself up for a retirement. You can retire comfortable and maximize your saving with the help of expert advice, tricks and tips.  To learn more about legacy planning, visit

Things you need to do to protect your Assets

Owning and operating a business can be very tough with risks and pitfalls. Earning money and turning profit is not enough, you have to take steps to protect your business from lawsuits and debts. Mortgage obligations to vendors or third parties, debts, claim for damages, product liability, professional liability, consumer protection issues are the issues and risks that you have to deal with while operating a business.

These risks can result in loss of personal assets and business, if not handled properly. You should know what risks you can face and how to minimize them. You should know the effective ways to avoid loss to run your business successfully.  Business owners have to face legal question, leading tax and other challenges. Asset protection is major challenge among the business owners as they have to protect their assets in the event of lawsuit or claim.


Asset Protection is a type of strategy intended to protect assets from creditor claim. Many business entities and individuals employ some techniques to protect their assets and limit access of creditors to their valuable assets, while operation within debtor-creditor law. Here in this guide we have mentioned some critical strategies that play very important role in personal asset protection;

Right Business entity

You should choose the right business entity. There may be multiple taxes planning consideration, operating as sole proprietorship will not best choice. Your personal assets expose to lawsuit, if you operate as sole proprietorship. You should set up an entity like LLC (limited liability Company) or S corporation would be beneficial step in protecting your business and personal assets.

Maintain your corporate veil

You need to maintain a separate checkbook and bank account for business.  You should use the company name on all your documents and maintain your corporate records carefully.

Purchase right business insurance

This is very important part of your business as it gives you assurance and ability to handle the incidents in your business.

Consult with reliable law firm

You should choose the reliable law firm which provides you exceptional services for business planning, asset protection and legacy planning. A good firm helps you save your time, money and complexities by offering best approaches to protect your business and assets.


Importance of Asset Protection

People earn assets and properties after putting their efforts and hard work so it deserved to be protected. Earning money and being wealthy is important but learning asset protection is far more essential.

You should know how to protect your asset as you may lose it eventually, if you don’t know all about the process, utility and importance of your asset management and protection. People earn money to acquire assets and the way you protect it means a lot and play a very important role in maintaining your wealth and value.

Lawsuits and taxes are the great threats to your assets and you need to know all about how to fight against these great threats to your assets. You have to protect your assets in order to keep your wealth safe and secure.


First of all, you need to learn how to minimize taxes on assets and how to protect it from lawsuits.  We are not talking about any illegal means. You can protect your assets in various legal ways and you have right to protect it. So why are you waiting for, just choose legal and appropriate methods to protect your wealth and assets.

You need to know when you own a business or property, you risk your money. You have to find out the legal modes and ways to minimize the risk associated with finances.  This is essential as lawsuit is the field that works against property owners. You need to protect your property from these frivolous lawsuits.

There are many ways to protect your business assets and you can easily secure debt against assets like business line of credit or mortgage. You can protect your assets by paying debts. You can use various methods in order protect your assets like inventory or equipment as debt security and real estate. Creditors usually cannot seize the property that is under a mortgage.

Asset planning is quite essential to protect you’re confidentially and legacy planning and business planning are also equally important in order to ensure asset value maximization. You should approach a reliable law firm that can offer you successful strategy maximizes profits and returns on your assets.

Importance of Legacy Planning

Legacy planning is important to express and define what wealth means to a family, it is much more than numbers that you align during traditional estate planning. Legacy planning basically involves identifying the family values that binds the family members. It also includes grooming grand children and children to be guardians of value and wealth. Many rich and wealthy familial want to manage and preserve their wealth and want navigate the risk associated with wealth management successfully. This is the best way to bestow values and wealth on children in good and healthy manner.

Legacy planning is the perfect method to make the future generation understand about the source of wealth and values. Traditional planning is different from legacy planning as traditional mode only preserves the appropriate wealth and does not ensure stable legacy when it comes to multi generation family.


This is only associated with the transfer after the death of owner. It is like distribution of assets or wealth. Legacy planning is more convenient as it maintain long term family harmony by distributing family value and wealth in wise manner. Many families lose their wealth across future generation due to lack of trust and communication so legacy planning become important to manage family wealth system in appropriate manner. If you are really concerned about your future generating and wealth management then look no further that Sound Estate Planning. The company offers many services to protect your family or loved ones.

Legacy Planning in Puget Sound

They offer exceptional solutions for small business owners, professionals, families and individuals. They give better strategies and effective tools to preserve your values and family harmony.

Business Planning in Puget Sound

They help you plan and protect your business after your death or any kind of risk. They helps you deal with employment taxes, income taxes, accounting needs, formality requirements and ability to increase additional capital. This law firm helps you deal with any kind of issues of your business.

Asset Protection in Puget Sound

Asset protection is important for the business owners in high liability areas. It is not applicable only for wealthy and rich people. You should take basic steps to protect your assets in advance in order to avoid future inconveniences.

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Legacy Planning in Puget Sound

No doubt, your estate plans are important but legacy planning is also important and it plays very important role in protecting your future problems associates with business, assets, retirement and many more. It can be most important part of preparing for retirement. This is a soft side of your estate planning. Legacy planning is something like create and implement an end of the life plan that may be consistent with final wishes and values. This process is helpful for both an individual and business as well.

Planning assets and business issues as part of your financial plan offer your loved ones or family peace of mind. This legacy planning also gives many benefits of life insurance, will and health care directives to your family members. If you take steps for legacy planning within retirement preparedness planning offers you and chance to express your opinions, views, wishes and many more. You will also get the chance to put your wish on how you want to pass family values and share memorable memories. It is driven by qualitative goals and intends to transfer your values, assets and memories to future generation.


When you age, you face different uncertaininties in terms of physical and mental stress. Legacy planning can ease these uncertainties and stress that accompany with emotional and physiological concerns. You might not be prepared for all these decisions, but you have to take steps to make your family secure after your premature death or critical conditions. remember, legacy planning is not just transfer your assets or money to your loved ones, but this is a best way to gift your assets in a way that offer protection, guidance and values to those people who get the inheritance. It is also beneficial to protect money or assts in divorce or creditors clams. So look for Legacy Planning in Puget Sound wisely and make your assets secure.

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